We Did It…Almost

Apr 9th

With just a few weeks left until little man’s first birthday, guess what? We did it! It’s almost been a year and our child is alive. He’s happy. He’s healthy. He’s simply amazing!

Going through this exciting journey is scary enough, but to go through it with the most amazing partner has made it something that’s so hard to describe. From the moment Carter was born I’ve been so lucky to have a hands-on partner ready to give this child so much love. I didn’t change one diaper in the hospital, I had help during those nights that seemed endless in the beginning, I have been able to take showers, but most importantly I still have my best friend. Becoming parents together is hard. You have different opinions, you might be a little tired and sometimes it’s hard to find time for each other while giving all your love to this new gift that has come into your lives. Sure we have had our arguments but this past year has brought us closer together in ways I didn’t think possible (not just talking delivery room).

To see my child so enamored with his father is truly the greatest gift:

To hear laughter from down the hall with the two of them together.

To find them fast asleep for an afternoon nap in bed.

To watch them eating spaghetti and ravioli.

To seeing them splash and blow bubbles in the pool.

To listen to them crawling down the hallway.

To enjoy seeing them in jerseys on game take taking in some football.

To love those moments when they’re together and time seems to stand still.

Is there a greater gift? These two men in my life are my biggest and littlest loves. To think of a day without them or when they weren’t in my life is something so hard to fathom. Each day has been such an amazing blessing even when filled with being peed on, a couple hours of sleep or avocado thrown in the face. It’s been an adventure, a wild and crazy one, that’s made me cherish the time my husband and I have together. Those nights we stay in and have a glass of wine while catching up on our favorite show, or going out to dinner and eating warm food at the same time. I’ve come to appreciate “us” time more and value the friendship and relationship we have.

With that and in celebration of our child being alive we’re headed off for a few days of mommy and daddy time: Drinks without having to ‘rock-paper-scissors’ over being the designated driver, sleeping in past 7am (if we can), not changing diapers, nowhere to go or nowhere to be and un-interrupted meals. Cheers Ry, we did it!