Move It! Monday

Apr 11th

The Moving Plank Challenge

Flatten the belly with this exercise while you tone your arms!

Set up: Place your shins or feet on the swing, walk your hands out so that they are directly under your shoulders. The abdominals are pulled inward toward your spine. The shoulders are sliding down away from your ears, with a nice long neck. Reach the crown of your head out and away from your toes creating length in the body.  You are in a Plank position.
Movement: Use an exhale to bend your knees, drawing your abdominals inward & knees directly under your hips, then reach the legs back out to your strong plank position. You can repeat 5, 10, 20 times depending on your strength and ability to keep proper form.
Avoid over arching when you return to plank, keeps your abominals pulled in and strong throughout this exercise.
Bonus: With straight legs, exhale as you pull your legs underneath you into a pike position.  Then reach the legs back out to your plank position.