My Favorite Color: Teal

Apr 12th



Since it is so similar to my birthstone (December) I have always loved teal.

To be honest I was never big into gold until a couple months ago.

Now I am loving the elegance and beauty of two together.

In my dream world all of these pieces would be in my jewelry chest.

Especially the Irene Neuwirth ring (price tag is a problem)

As spring is coming I am looking forward to pairing with this fresh look!

Would you wear any of these? And what’s you go-to color?



Teal Love Affiar


Teal Love Affiar by ECAPRETTA featuring turquoise jewelry








Dorothy Perkins blue bracelet, 7.50 GBP (bottom right)
Forever21 bracelet, $7.80 (top right)
Club Manhattan stone ring, 20 EUR (middle)
Irene Neuwirth aquamarine diamond ring, $6,310 (bottom row ring)
Kara ross jewelry, $170  (top left)
LK Designs turquoise jewelry, 72 EUR (middle right)
Roberta Chiarella metal necklace, $78 (bottom left)