Dear Carter

Apr 17th

I started this message to my son at 12 weeks when we for sure knew he was a boy, though I will tell ya from day one I knew it. Every so often I would think of something that made me smile, seemed important or was a reminder of something I cherished from my childhood. This list will only continue to grow over the years but they’re little reminders of what I hope will make him smile….

Cannot wait to meet this little boy! The countdown is officially on!



Dear Carter,

I promise to show you how much I love your father.

I hope you’re lucky to have friends whom you consider your family.

I hope you love to cook (it’s a lady sealer).

I hope you always remain faithful in all stages of life.

I hope you don’t take life too seriously

I hope you know you can lose every once in a while and know it’s ok.

I promise to shield you from danger but will allow you to experience things on your own.

I hope you have your fathers laugh and smile that will melt little girls hearts.

I hope you learn the gift of forgiveness

I hope you know that sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.

I hope you love to play outside.

I hope you giggle when you stomp on crunchy leaves.

I hope you laugh so hard one day you cry.

I hope you give thanks for one thing each day.

I hope you say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

I hope you learn to frolick in the rain.

I hope you love hugs and kisses even when you’re 16 and it’s not cool.

I hope you always tell your mom and dad you love them.

I hope know it’s ok to cry.

I hope you remember it takes more muscles to frown than smile.

I hope you remember chivalry exists so open doors and pull out chairs.

I hope honesty is what you stand by.

I hope you have patience.

I hope you learn from your elders and cherish moments with grandparents.

I promise to always listen to your thoughts with an open mind.

I hope you play pranks and tricks especially on your father.

I hope you go after your dreams whether big or small.

I hope you love Nutella too.

I hope you’ll never be afraid to express creativity.

I promise to always be ready to hold your hand.

I hope you love the little things while you’re young and cherish them as you grow older.

I hope you remember how much God loves you and to always keep faith.

I hope there’s always a song in your heart.

I hope you can go to sleep without a worry on your shoulders.

I hope you never give up no matter how hard it may seem…we’ll always be by your side.

I hope you remember that as we teach you there’s always a lesson your teaching us.

I hope you’re not afraid to try new things (I love chicken wings now).

I hope you never stop looking for your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

I hope you know I’ll be there the first time your heart gets broken.

I hope you know I’ll always be ready for an ice cream run.

I promise I will try not to embarrass you too much but it’s my job to do so a little.

I hope you have a sense of adventure and love to travel.

I hope you learn to make a mean pasta sauce like your daddy.

I hope you enjoy spending time with your parents as you grow older.

I promise to show you  how much I love you.


Forever and always, 




photo source via The Pioneer Woman