Week in Review

Apr 22nd

What an exciting week!!!



Most exciting!!!

My iPad Came!!!

It Came!

I have wanted this since the day the first one came out!!

So beyond exciting!

I have been having fun messing around and downloading apps.

Since I am new to the app world any suggestions would be great!

Anything you recommend?

Also this week….we got our Love Sac!!

A fresh painted office and new furniture wouldn’t be complete without it.

You can see it here and all the details!

My Love Sac!!

How beautiful are these flowers?

Look fake right?

Or something straight from Hawaii?

Just Because...

They were a beautiful suprise when I came home yesterday.

I love the different colors and textures!

They make me smile.

Alright…craziest thing I did this week?

In a dare I decided to eat a big ball of wasabi.

Totally worth it though….got $100!!

If you are not into eating whole balls of wasabi for fun I have different food for you.

Try this Mexican casserole and this cookie-brownie dessert!

Or enjoy this video on the making of gelato….yum!

photo here

How cool is this photo?

Found this while surfing around and I am in LOVE!

Will keep me dreaming this weekend….


Lots of cooking! Date night! Girl’s Spa Party! Easter!!

And you!?