Move It! Monday

Apr 25th


Side Squat into Side Bend


Strong legs, Firm bottom and Lean abs!
All in one exercise!

Start Position (set up):

Feet together, toes forward, Legs active, Abdominals gently pulled inward and upward, Collar Bones broaden across the chest, think about pressing into your feet as you lengthen the crown of your head up toward the sky.

Step 1:

Right leg takes a generous step out to the side, and bend the right knee, hinging at the hip, sink down keeping the chest lifted and the natural curve of the lower back (do not round your lower back) firm the outer right


Step 2:

With the strength of your right leg, firm the outer glute (bottom) & press back to center,  then reach the arms up, create even more length in your waistline lifting the ribs off the hips, and continue your lengthening into the side bend position (but do not let the shoulders rise up toward yours ears try to keep the shoulders/ neck soft)


Step 3:

Repeat to Left side, Complete 10 repetitions to each side with the total of 20

Fit Tip:

Go for a 30 minute walk, jog or run and then do this exercise.  You will find these movements will not only tone the body, but it may also help open up the hips and relieve a tight lower back after your brisk walk or run.


Photography by Sara Driscoll Photography