Fruit Within Fruit

Apr 28th

One of my favorite things about spring is all the fresh fruit.

From strawberries and pineapple to melons and watermelon they are in abundance.

I put together this fruit salad for two occassions this past weekend.

A girl’s “Spa Day” and Easter.

It was perfect!

Not only does it look very Martha Stewart-ish, you don’t need a bowl.

How many times to I forget bowls and platters is other people’s homes!?

A lot!

Grab your favorite fruits, chop them up and put them in half a watermelon.

Perfect for showers, parties, or random get togethers!


Pick out your favorite fruits to put into your fruit salad. Go ahead and chop away!


Keep all your chopped fruit in a bowl. Slice your watermelon in half.

Carve out the inside.

Place your fruit inside the watermelon!