The Ones Paris Like….

May 2nd

Well I case you don’t follow me on Twitter or Faceboook,

you wouldn’t have known that Paris Hilton liked my shoes.

I was interviewing her Friday night she looked down and said,

“I LOVE your shoes!”

Not going to lie I got a little giddy inside.

Not because it was Paris Hilton…

but because if she only knew the price and where I got them.

(And I was also giddy because I had just talked to

Cindy Crawford…my idol!)

These shiny suckers are from the Charlotte Russe outlet.

You know I love flats right? (here and here)

Tried to find them online but they don’t make anymore.

And the price?

A whopping $9.99 folks!!!

Oh if only she and her perfect red-soled Christian Louboutins knew that.


Plus I feel like I am channeling my inner Dorothy from OZ.

Have you entered the giveaway this week!?!


Outfit: Skirt: La Rox Shirt: Love Culture Vest: Alloy

Jewelry: Michael Kors, Vintage