Passport Diaries: The Big Apple

May 2nd

NYC. Hands down one of my favorite places, EVER. Last week we jetted off for a quick trip to see one of hubster’s clients. Though it was a business trip we managed to squeeze in a little bit of play. Not as much as we usually do, but just the right amount to make it seem like a vacation. Main stop on my list? Going to the beer gardens at Eataly. I’d been there before but it was fun to take hubs. Can we talk about home much I ate there? And of course I had to sample Bake By Melissa cupcakes, as they are the new rage. Two words: peanut butter. Heavenly! The trip was filled with Yankee games (my first!!), subway rides, walks throughout the city and of course a Mister Softee ice cream. Oh, and on the agenda right as we landed in baggage claim? A Dunkin Donuts coffee! For those visiting or who live in NYC, I would really recommend AYZA¬†wine and chocolate bar. Horrible combination right?

Perhaps one of the best part of the city is walking around. The sites, sounds, smells and comforts of a bustling town create such inspiration and excitement. There’s never not something going on. We found ourselves in a random street festival that had one of the best corn on the cobs I have ever had! Then there’s the flower marts, the books for sale on the sidewalk and naps in Central Park. How is it possible not to love such an amazing place. I was fortunate to live in NY for a little bit and I think I could easily do again. So, here’s a little photo journey from our trip. What’s your favorite thing to do in NYC? (PS- catch more photos here!)