Quotespiration: Ode to Friendship

May 4th
For the past couples weeks I have been looking back at fun memories.
Whether our wedding day or a night out, I have so many fond times to look back on.
One of my New Year’s resolutions was to stay in touch with my girlfriends better.
With “real life” of work, conflicting schedules, and everything else it is sometimes hard.
Luckily I have some amazing friends who I can just pick up the phone and catch with.
Even if a month has gone by it’s like we just talked the day before.
I always say  a great way to judge a true friendship if you can pick up where you left off.
So rather than enjoying these photos I thought I would share some fun memories.
(There are some people missing in photos but are in my heart!)


They let you post old embarassing pictures...


They are there in times of need.

They are always around for a sleepover.

They love you for your silly faces.

They travel near and far to visit.

The win Emmy's and let you hold the award!

They take fun pictures in the snow!

You pick flowers at school...a $100 fine with a partner in crime!

You wear funny outfits...

They are there on your wedding day!

They love to party!


You start college together.

They get you ready for the big day.


They will be there to drink a martini with.

You teach them to make guacamole


They experience a roller coaster for the first time with you.

They are there near or far...

They are your best friends...


They make silly faces...