Closet Confession: Love At Second Sight

May 6th

Before you say, I know, you’re jealous of the knee brace. This bad boy has become the ultimate accessory to my wardrobe recently. Despite protesting, pleading and coming up with everyone argument in the world, my doctor made me wear it while in NYC. Blah! So I have decided to embrace it…no pun intended. Rather than always trying to hide it, it’s become a part of all my outfits. While walking the city I answered the “what happened” about every 5 blocks. And let’s talk about wearing this on the plane and airport security. In summary, I think I should have gotten the guard’s phone number. We got super friendly. My favorite part about this outfit is the fact I found the boots and top at one of my favorite stores, Love At Second Sight. This fun local consignment shop is my haven for selling and buying my clothes. Can we say Steve Madden boots for $18? Or Tory Burch Reva flats for $40? Yes! It’s been amazing and they always have the best items in stock. Best part is they post photos on their Facebook page so you can always see what’s coming in. Kind of a bad thing. Do you have a local shop you sell to? If not I recommend as it’s great for cleaning out and not spending money. Trading!!

Jacket: in Italy Top: Thrifted Scarf: Soto
Boots: Steve Madden (Thrifted)
Bag: Marc Jacobs Necklace: Thrifted, gifted