Move It! Monday

May 9th

Having A Ball” while you tone the entire leg.


Set  Up:
Side lying on a large Stability Ball, Bend you bottom knee to support you and your top leg is long and toe pointed touching the floor.  Place your bottom hand under your head to support your neck. Draw the abdominals inward. 

Start with your toe pointed touching the floor, Inhale lengthen your leg and keep toe pointed as you lift it up to about hip height, then exhale as you flex the foot reaching through the heel (lengthening the back of the leg) and lower.
Think about the abdominal drawing inward and upward through the movement.  Keep lengthening through the leg as your lift it and lower it.  Keep the shoulders and neck soft.

Repeat 15 reps to each side



Bonus Move:
On the last Rep, hold the leg up at hip height and make small leg circles 10 times forward and 10 times back.  The challenge is to keep the torso and pelvis from rocking and rolling.  Use the abdominals to keep the pelvis stable and control the movement. 

You will feel this exercise in the bottom leg too, it will tone the inner & outer thigh, glutes and Quads in this one simple exercise.


~By Patricia Friberg