Closet Confessions: The Ultimate Disguise

May 9th

So you get off at the wrong stop while riding the NYC subway. What do you do? Well, take a picture of course showing how you try to hide your extremely fashionable leg brace. Duh! My goal the past couple weeks while enduring such a fashion statement has been to either embrace it (like so), or hide it…hence above. My wardrobe has managed to accumulate a couple more maxi dresses and skirts this season. I’m actually wearing a dress but threw a leopard print over the top for the ultimate disguise. Sneaky sneaky. Not really, but I am having a little fun here. Minus the limp you’d never know what was under there…right?

Jacket: Florence (honeymoon) Top: Soto Dress: ? Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Glasses: Ray Ban