Passport Diaries: Paso Robles

May 14th

Wine. Sunshine. Relaxation. Pretty much sums up the most amazing weekend in Paso Robles. We received a getaway gift for Christmas two years ago for a little weekend away and FINALLY we were able to use it! Being my first time to Paso I was a little unsure of what we were getting into. I have heard so many wonderful things, but I just couldn’t really grasp an idea of the area. Well, oh my goodness. Rolling hills filled with green, warm 90 degree weather with a hint of breeze and endless (and I mean endless) wineries to stop at for a taste. This beautiful town far exceeded my expectations! If you’re going, I would recommend staying at Venteux Vineyards. Their bed and breakfast is adorable, their wine sensational (Estate Syrah!!) and morning home-cooked breakfast looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. (They were featured in Sunset Magazine!)

I’m sure everyone can tell you different wineries to go to that our their favorites, so I am going to too! I loved Calcareous not because of the wine, but for their view. You look over the entire Paso Robles region. Any winery we went to on Vineyard Drive, like Justin, Halter Ranch, Las Tablas Creek, or Jada, was fantastic. Even if you don’t like wine it’s worth it just for the drive. Giant oaks trees amidst fields of wines is quite a stunning site. The best advice we got was to pack a cooler of snacks for two days. First this helps so you don’t get too loopy (also, sharing tastings is fine), plus it’s fun to have a picnic at each winery’s beautiful setting. Meats, cheese, and berries! We did have a fabulous dinner at Villa Creek¬†ending with the most delicious chocolate/carmel pave with a blood orange sauce on top. Oh and if you want to try some beer, head to the Firestone Tap Room to sample all their hoppy creations. Definitely a favorite stop for hubster!

And finally, the alpacas. Yep, the alpaca which is a smaller version of a llama. One of my best friend’s moms lives in Paso Robles and has an alpaca and almond farm. This easily became one of the highlights of the trip. I mean just look at the faces? These docile giants makes the cutest noises and remind me of big puppy dogs. Their wool is so soft too! I spent a good amount of time on the way home driving trying to convince hubster that getting one was logical. I didn’t get very far, but they would just be so much fun!

All in all, if you haven’t been to Paso Robles plan a trip! It’s a quick and scenic 3.5 hour drive from “The Valley”. You can stop in beach towns along the way like Pismo, or even drive through fellow wine country Los Olivos. We jetted down to Cambria one night which was only 20 miles away, filled with a fabulous antique shop (I finally got a punch bowl!) and quaint town. Your options really are endless!