In The Kitchen: More Cheese With Your Wine?

May 18th

When I am feeling a little lazy, I make a cheese board. When I want to feed a good amount of people on a low budget, I make a cheese board. When I feel like making something pretty for the table, I make a cheese board. And when I feel like use my favorite chalk slate board, I make a cheese board. You get the point right? Since being married and entertaining more I love putting them together. My mother-in-law, as well as some other family members on hub’s side, are masters at creating something so beautiful. I’ve picked up a couple tips along the way, so here’s two that I put together on my own. Well, the board below belongs to my MIL. I want it!!!
CHEESE TIPS (better with glass of wine)
1. A soft cheese, hard cheese and blue cheese seem to be the favorites
2. I love using fruit in some way, whether grapes or dried apricots
3. Crackers or homemade crostini are my go-to choices for carbs
4. Mini mozzarella balls with some cherry tomatoes adds great color
5. There’s no proper way to organize, play around and have fun
6. Use cups or small bowls to create height 
7. Nuts anyone? These are great for munching but make sure no one is allergic 
8. I like to use leaves and lettuce to place the cheese on for color and texture 
9. One date night I added chocolate almonds to the board….enough said
10. Different olives and meats pair deliciously with some cheeses. Get tips from your butcher!