Move It! Monday

May 23rd

Summer Tank Top Tricep Toner!

Set Up: You will need a resistance band or hand held weights. You are on one knee with with one foot in front of you. Place the band under your front foot. Adjust the resistance by gripping lower on the band to make it more challenging or up higher on the band to make it easier. Draw inward through your abdominals, collar bones broad across the chest, and lengthen up through the top of the head.

Movement: Arms start slightly forward, now exhale pull the arms down and back toward the thighs as you and inhale to return the band forward.  Repeat 10 times switch legs and do another set of 10.

This is not only great for the Triceps but it also works the upper back muscle which then opens up the chest.  The core also works  to stabilize the torso through the movement.  Keep thinking about the abdominals drawing inward and upward as you exhale.