My New Heaven…

May 23rd

I have a new favorite place besides New York City.


My cousin-in-law Courtney took me there and I didn’t want to leave.

Obviously I love food. Obviously I love Italian.

This was seriously heaven!!

Best way to describe…a supermarket with restaurants.

They have a meat, cheese, dessert, coffee, gelato and more sections.

You can then stand and sip wine while taste cheese.

Sit and choose from pizza and pasta.

Enjoy fresh fish in another section.

All the products are from Italy!!

Shop for beer, pastas, sauces, wines, cookbooks and more!

Courtney is a professional chef (degree and all!)

I was honored to go with her!!

It was fun to walk around and hear what she has used or made.

Like my own personal little cooking class!

There is a rumor one is coming to LA and I hope it’s true.

If not….I may be flying out to NYC a little more often!!

Here are some pictures from my time there!

Have you been?