Move It! Monday

May 30th

The Side Plank  

Spring into a smaller waist line with this exercise!

Set Up:  Side Lying position with your elbow directly under your shoulder.  You can start with your knees stacked and on the ground.  Press your elbow firmly into the mat as you lift up through the under side of the arm (do not sink into the shoulder joint). Keep the rib cage lifted as well as the hips. Keep your abdominals drawing inward and upward. Your head stays in line with your spine.

You can hold your side plank for 20 seconds to 1 minuteand then repeat it on the other side.

More Challenge:  Side lying with your feet stacked and your knees off the mat.

(photos by Sara Driscoll Photography)


Even More Challenge:  Side lying with one foot on the floor and one lifted in the air about hip height.