Oh Hey….How’s It Going?

May 30th

Guess it’s time to do a little update on life and all, huh? People tell you life with two is a game-changer and by all means their right. There’s two little humans to take care of now who need your constant attention, love and bugger sucking. I say if I make it to the end of the day with them both alive and fed then it’s been a good day. Bonus points for smiles and cuddles.


But what I didn’t expect, and honestly was I was worried about, was how much I could love another child. Of course deep down I knew I would but how? What I feel and give to Carter, plus Ryan, makes me want to burst. Until you experience it there’s really no way to describe the selfless love you have for your child even on days when their temper tantrum with hand banging looks like something from a movie. And scene….True story, happened tonight leaving a birthday party. Epic.

Then enter into this world my little bean. Riley. She has become my life’s biggest shock and it’s a bit overwhelming. Overwhelming and terrifying how much I love her and want to be the best mama for her. You can already tell she has the sweetest temperament and makes me melt. God blessed me with her in ways I never knew possible.


Of course there have been some breakdowns because if you don’t have them as you learn to balance two, then, well…you’re my hero. For the most part however the transition has been smooth and WAY better than I could have dreamed. It may help that Riley has been an awesome sleeper since day 1 so it hasn’t been complete sleep deprivation. And Carter is the best big brother in the world. He loves to “wash the baby”, help give her bottle each time and says “two scoops Riley milk” (I stopped nursing…more on that in another post), and is constantly trying to tickle her toes. What more could I ask for?

Sure things are great now and maybe by next week it turns into a total shit show, but for the moment I’m going to breathe and savor the amazing gifts I’ve been given.

ps- writing this as I rock Riley…heaven