Passport Diaries: Malibu Family Wines

Jun 11th

Have you ever woke up one day and just needed to get away? Whatever your reasoning sometimes it’s just nice to put down technology and slow down for a bit. We came to this point. Well, I did due to the whole three surgeries in three months thing combined with no working out. It made me stir crazy to my breaking point. Since we can’t just jet set or go away, we decided to head to Malibu Family Wines. When it first opened a couple years ago we loved going there and hanging out. Well, oh my it had been a while since we went there! The place was packed, which may have been due to the glorious weather. Mixed with a little picnic basket (or brown paper bag) we threw together, a cold bottle of chardonnay, live music and no phones it was the perfect afternoon. Despite being 10 minutes from home it felt like we were on vacation for the moment. And it was an afternoon like this that made me realize we need to do that more. It’s so easy to get bogged down and in the routine, while attached to our computers (*cough Pinterest cough*), phones and everything else. We had such great conversation and for just a moment it felt like the early days of dating when you made sure to hide all the distractions. What are your tips for relaxing or getting out of “the groove”?