June Gloom

Jun 14th

We can’t look back on cold weather in Cali yet.

The past week or so we have been hit with the “June Gloom”!

And let’s just say it is not helping my “get ready for bikini season” mood.

The clouds and fog, even slight drizzle, have been juggling with my motivation.

Last week I lit the fireplace, grabbed blankets and read a book….no gym.

Are we really in June!?!

These are my weekly habits during the winter while I sip on spiked hot coco.

But I must say I was excited for one thing about the weather!

My fun new leopard coat I got a couple weeks ago in an ASOS winter jacket sale.

Never did I think I would be able to wear this in the summer!

It’s fun. It’s furry. It’s warm. It’s fabulous!

However, since it is California and the weather is always surprising I remained prepared.

Underneath I had one of my favorite summer dresses on just in case the sun decided to come out.

(it’s didn’t in case you were wondering)

So back to the jacket I went!

Have you found any fun finds on winter items during sales right now?


Something else fun I want to share?

These rings are really special to me as they belonged to my grandmother.

The diamond ring was recently refurbished by the amazing Shaw Diamond Company.

(if you ever need anything done with jewelry they are the best!! They designed my wedding rings)

The LOVE ring I just love and hubster calls it “my little Dr. Evil ring.” Classic.



Outfit: Dress: Love Culture Jacket: Asos Boots: Wild Divas (here & here)
Jewelry: grandma, Michael Kors, MaddynBella