Last Minute Chicken Melt

Jun 15th

When your wife is on a cleanse what do you make?

Hubster made this delicious smelling, looking aka I wanted to tackle him to have sandwich last week.

I was on Day 9…torture.

We didn’t have much in the fridge but I love how he assmbled this together.

Now you see where I learned so much?

We had bread, ground chicken, onions and cheese.

So what does that call for in an Italian’s mental cookbook?

A cheesy chicken patty melt!

How course….that’s just what I was thinking.


So if you are running low on items in the fridge remember this one.


Season and pan grill some onions.

Put the ground chicken into a patty and cook.

Toast and butter some bread.

Add the onions on top.

Then some cheese.

And hello 5-minute chicken patty melt.

(that shouldn’t be eaten in front of someone who is starving!)