Conversations With Carter: Episode 1

Jun 16th

The past couple months have been so much fun with Carter starting to talk so much. I find myself constantly trying to write down and remember some of the things that come out of his mouth. Recently I started keeping tracks of our conversations and thought I would share. Personally, I love how he refers to himself in the third person. Pretty awesome. My other favorite is how he “play by plays” what he is doing, so he goes “Carter walk up the stairs. Carter get two more blankies. Carter drink mom water. Carter go find the trucks.” I so see why people have always said this stage is the best. I truly wish I could bottle up him, his little voice and his larger than life personality.


“Baby Riley, so pretty. So pretty baby Riley.”

“Wash the poop.”- Carter whenever he sees dog poop outside

“Kiss the baby’s booty.”- Carter to Riley and not so sure on this one?

“Don’t take the Carter pizza.”

“Daddy and Carter watch great movie. Great movie mommy. Great movie.”

“Don’t take the Carter food, Tank Tiny.”

“So good to see you mommy.” – when I get home from being out

“So proud of you.” – when he’s in the pool or I go to the bathroom

“Oh shit.” -Carter in reference to dropping anything lately (proud moment)

“Take toast to nap. Two toasts?”

“Two books and lay. Mommy read two books.”

“Mom go poop in the potty. Get lollipop.”

“Mommy, baby Riley monkey on da booty.” – on Riley’s pajamas

“Dad on phone. Working. Go find dad.”

“Tank kiss Carter’s owey. Thank you Tank.”

“Get da poop out my booty.” -when he poops, naturally

“Carter go to party. Eat cake. Go down slide.” -clearly we have fond memories of parties

“No bed mommy. Carter watch one more show.” -squashed this

“Go outside mommy. Go outside and play. Jump to dad in pool.”