You Know You’re A Mom When: Travel Edition

Jun 17th

Lil MAnInspired by traveling with this dude…

  • You stand in the back of a plane the majority of a flight. 
  • You let your child have 10 packs of fruit snacks if they stay quiet.
  • You play “fetch” with their shoe in the middle of the airport at 3am.
  • You get over the glaring stares you used to give to people with kids in 2 minutes.
  • You’re shame meter is on full but you don’t care.
  • You wish your child was entertained by iPads and iPhones.
  • You secretly want to go to the bathroom and cry.
  • You actually go to the bathroom and cry.
  • You do all to contain their legs from kicking the seat in front and tapping the person’s head while standing.
  • You are exhausted yet still manage to sing ‘Old MacDonald’ endlessly.
  • You find that water cups, airline magazines and the seat belt buckle are great entertainment.
  • You change a poop diaper on all four flights in a cramped bathroom.
  • You don’t understand how a child can eat so much then still be awake.
  • You apologize to people in advance as you get on the plane.
  • You wish you could be drinking, lots.
  • You manage to go to the bathroom with your child strapped in the carrier because they finally fell asleep.
  • You give out wipes to all the people in the airport he says hi to as he wipes his cheese puff hand on their clothes.
  • You wish you had a leash.
  • You wonder how something so little can have so much energy so late.
  • You forget all the bad that moment they fall asleep on you and cherish the moments.