For The Home: Flower Arrangements

Jun 19th

Have you ever had a friend that was just so completely talented and awesome that they would drop everything to help teach you how to make a simple flower arrangement for a party? Well, I have that friend! I was hosting a party and needed to make some flower arrangements. The theme was Italian so I wanted something classic, yet fun. Well, I have never really made arrangements before so my dear friend Amber came to the rescue. She’s a professional florist so I knew I would learn a couple tricks that would be too amazing not to share. I also got some help last weekend for a friend’s shower! Here’s a little diary of what she taught me and how I now cannot wait until I have another need for making arrangements! (PS- If you ever need someone for your event let me know!!)


We headed to the flower mart to find everything we needed. Luckily I had a couple vases already, but I picked up some new ones which I know will come in handy. I’m a huge fan of different textures in arrangements so I wanted to pick all different kinds of flowers.

Until you’re ready to make your arrangements keep your flowers in buckets filled with water. It’s also a good idea to keep them out of the heat. 

Start by filling your containers 3/4 full of water. 

“Clean” the flowers by removing most of the petals.

I didn’t want the stems showing in the vases, so we wrapped the inside of the vase with some large leaves. These are easy to find at any flower mart or florist. This particular vase needed two to cover the whole area.

When cutting the flower stems start with just a little so you don’t go too short. If you want the vase to seem fuller then cut the stem shorter. This will create a more bunched look without have to get more flowers.

We repeated the process for the roses.

I called these flowers “Dr. Suess” because they reminded me of a character you would find in one of his books. These provided a great accent to the table by being a simple burst of color. How great is the texture?

And voila!