Move It! Monday

Jun 20th

Monkey Your Way to

Stronger Abs & Shoulders. 

Set Up: Find some Monkey Bars that are of a good height for your body.  (I am 5’11 and was able to find some that were just about right)  Place you hands on the bars and establish I good set position with a strong hand grip, your shoulder blades drawing down you back, with a nice long neck.  As you begin to lift you feet off the ground make sure you keep the shoulders away from the ears.

Movement: First draw the abdominals inward and upward, keep a strong abdominal contraction as you lift the knees upward on the exhale, then inhale lower the legs without letting them touch the ground, then exhale lift the knees again. (repeat 10 times then lower the feet all the way to the ground) Keep your body as still & controlled as possible when lifting the knees. Try to keep feeling of the shoulders gliding down the back.


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