Hubby-Wife Life:L That’s Why They Call It Marriage

Jun 22nd

Alrighty. Time for a little marriage talk. I was recently talking to a friend and she asked me if things have changed a lot since I have been married. I simply thought….not really, only a name change. To me I think this is a good thing, right? Well I got to thinking and starting talking with some more of my married friends. Do things really change when you get married? Are all the little things that one does when dating gone? For some I guess so.

But I must say I am pretty lucky on this front and this is where I am going to brag about my hubster a bit and say that all the little things for us still exist…for now. It has only been almost a year. He sends me flowers on our 251st day anniversay, brings me coffee somedays in the morning and often sends me little texts as a reminder of how much he loves me.

Apparently this isn’t the case for a lot of married couples. So in this week’s Marriage Advice I am stepping in with some thoughts on remembering to date your wife. Ladies, we have to remember that the men aren’t always the ones to do things. Sometimes we need to remember to do the little things for them to. Ok who am I kidding….men listen up!!! Any thoughts or changes since you got married?

Top 10 Ways To Date Your Wife


1. Remember when you sent those special text messages all the time? Like “Can’t wait to see you!” “Have I told you how beautiful you looked this morning?” “I love you more than Sports Center” (ok..maybe not the last one) Well, send us something! Those little messages go a long way!

2. Flower me with some love. I don’t need a dozen roses or a giant bouquet. (Though that would be nice) On your way to work in the morning clip a flower for a bush outside a place it on my car window. Or pick one out on your way into the house and place by the bed. Simple enough for you?

3. Let me see a chick flick. Do you know how many times I’ve let you watch your favorite game or gone to see the latest sci-fi thriller. Suprise me by wanting to see the latest romantic comedy because we all know that deep down you really want to watch it yourself.

4. Tell me I am pretty. We’re women….self-conscious (especially when you eye the big-boobed woman walking down the street as we have lunch), always finding flaws and especially crazed now that swimsuit season is here. Take me off guard and tell me how beautiful I look. (Hubster tells me often when I wake up how beautiful I look…bed head, morning breath with giant zit and all…big points!)

5. Ever heard of errands? Us women are always running around whether it’s grabbing groceries for dinner, picking up the dry cleaning or rummaging through Do-It Center trying to find the proper light bulb. (they know me by name there now FYI) Surprise us by checking something off the list for us. The trick is to do this without being asked…can I tell you how grea this is!?

6. Get a little touchy-feely. Don’t forget to put your hand on the small of my back when walking through a restaurant. Grab my hand while we are at the store. Put your arm around my shoulder when we go over to a friend’s for dinner. I’m not talking full PDA but a little touch never hurt right?

7. Ask me out. I know we don’t have kids yet so this may be tougher for those with rugrats, but surprise me and take me out. The weekends often get busy with family and friends so surprise me with a dinner on a Tuesday night. Save me a night of cooking some for dinner and let’s have a romantic date night. We love being taken off guard.

8. Let me talk and wave my hands as I can get emotional. Whether it’s talking about work or missing a great deal from a last season coat online let me vent. We’re women and we love to talk, plus use lots of hand motions. Turn the TV off, don’t text and just nod your head. Even if you’re not listening, just pretend you are. Maybe even ask a question. But whatever you do…don’t tell me I’m wrong. You will open up a whole other can of arm flailing.

9. Let’s go back to the days of chivalry shall we? Remember on the first date when you opened my car door? Pulled out the chair? Took quick steps in front of me to open the door? Well, where did this go? We like this. We love this. We want this. Please….come back!

10.  Say those three little words that mean so much. “I Love You.” Remember the butterflies of saying this to one another the first time? How jumpy inside you felt? Well…keep it going. You can never say it enough. And change it up by writing it on a little note and leaving it in my purse. Or by my coffee mug. Or next to my towel.


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