Gnocchi Time!

Jun 23rd

One of my favorite things to eat is gnocchi.

If you have never had it it’s a potato pasta.

If made right it’s creamy and melts in your mouth.

So good!

I love to have it with a cheesy sauce or delicious pesto.

Next time you go to an Italian restaurant try ordering some.

Well I decided one day to try to learn how to make.

I figured I tackled homemade pasta, meatballs and sauce…so why not?

This is now one of my favorite things to make.

But it’s bad I know how to because I want it all the time!!!

Try it out…it’s not hard…I promise!!!

Start by washing your potatoes.

Place 10 washed potatoes in a large pot. Boil for 45 minutes or until soft.

Once the potatoes are soft peel off the skin. Use a knife…will be hot!!

Pile of soft potatoes!!!

Place the potatoes in a food mill and grind them.

Add two cups of flour into the bowl of ground potatoes.

Add in two eggs.

Knead everything together to make the dough on a floured surface!

Keep adding flour until dough is not sticky.

Roll out your dough into logs.

Slice one inch gnocchi cuts.

Place the gnocchi on a floured surface.

With a fork add a groove mark to each.

 Throw the gnocchi into a pot of bowling water. Takes a few minutes to cook.

Then add to your favorite sauce and sprinkle with cheese.


Want some meatballs, homemade pasta or sauce to go with?

Sure….why not!!!