Baby Got Back!

Jun 27th

Dress: Machine (vintage store 6 years ago), Shoes: Capri, Italy
Jewelry: MaddynBella, Michael Kors, mom’s vintage Bag/Glasses: Alloy

It finally feels like summer has arrived in LA!

Thank goodness because the June Gloom was really starting to mess with me.

Only so long can I wear sweats and lay under a blanket gorging on Swedish Fish on the weekend.


What a better way to kick of a beautiful weekend than heading back to Venice Beach?

Our friend was playing in a basketball game there…which was a blast to watch btw!!

Followed by an evening of shopping on Main Street and eating at a pub, what could be better?

En route to the game hubster stopped to snap some shots of a dress he felt was “photo worthy.”


Let’s be honest, he was probably just excited to see me in something other than a hoodie.

Plus since we’ve been together I haven’t fit into this dress much thanks to the “Honeymoon 15.”

You think the “Freshman 15” in college are bad….just wait until relationship comfort sets in.

Well thanks to a little cleansing and diet change my old closet friends are enjoying my return.