Move It! Monday

Jun 27th

Abdominal Row


It’s time to GET MOVING with Patricia Friberg Monday morning.

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Let’s get those abs and arms in shape for swimsuit season shall we?

Set Up: Seated upright (on the sitting bones) with bent knees, the resistance band is in the hands and under the feet, and the small ball is in the lower back.


First: Sitting up tall with a nice long spine, draw the abdominals inward and upward as you hinge your upper body back.  The small of your back is supported by the small ball.  Your arms are forward, holding straps, palms down.


Then: Stay in the Hinge back position, drawing the abdominals inward, spread the elbows wide as your pull into the row. Feel the upper back muscles working.  Keep the neck soft and supple.

Reach the arms forward and continue to row for 5- 10 repetitions in the hinge back position.

Lastly, After the last rep keep the abdominals drawn inward as you return to the seated position.

Make it easier: Omit the hinge back position and focus on the arms rowing and keeping your abdominals draw inward.