For The Home: Finally Some Organization

Jul 2nd


This post is dedicated to my father. You see besides being busy with work and life I manage to give him another job. He’s my professional jewelry untangler. Yep, it’s a real job. For years I had the miraculous talent of always getting my necklaces stuck. And when I mean stuck I mean completely inner-twined, knotted and just beyond tangled. My poor father has spent countless hours fixing them, so much so that he has special tools and people at work kind of make fun of him. He’s developed such the reputation that I have friends that deliver their tangled jewelry to him. I’m telling ya, it’s amazing. Sadly though I will not be needing his services anymore. My friend’s dad made this beautiful jewelry tree and my problem has been forever solved. (send me a message if you are interested in one!!) Paired with using my grandma’s china, I developed the perfect organization system for my gems. I have a big jewelry case for the rest of my jewelry, but I keep my staples in the room where they are easy to access. How do you keep organized? Or do you need my dad’s help?