Freeze Frame

Jul 10th



In this busy world we live in, it’s so easy to go-go-go. Rather than sitting down and taking this crazy ride called life in, it’s what else can I be doing. I find myself guilty of this as we run our own business so it seems like there’s always something to do. (A good thing!) Throw in laundry, family time and let’s not forget walking the dogs. Then add in a constant distraction of this little thing called social media….FB, Twitter, Instagram…always something to be looking at. When does it stop?

Well, this morning it did. My little angel woke up for about 10min around 6am. After he fell back asleep on my chest, my mind started spinning of what I needed to get done. As I laid there kissing his head, smelling the sweetest baby scent and counting his fingers, I realized moments like this won’t last forever. Soon he will be talking and walking and the days of him snuggling like that would be gone.

So I turned the lights back off, silenced my phone and enjoyed two hours of complete serenity with my little boy. I’m so thankful for those little moments. They are forever cherished.