In The Kitchen: Crock Pot Chili

Jul 11th


So I have to admit I have kind of become obsessed with our crock pot. We haven’t used it that much since being married but now I find myself scouring for good recipes that require simply throwing everything in a pot. I mean can we talk about how simple it is? If you don’t like to cook this is right up your alley. I’m talking open cans, throw in veggies and basically do nothing. Voila! So I was craving chili and threw this together quickly before running out for the day. By the time we came home, it was ready to go. Add a couple toppings and dinner is served. If you have some crock pot recipes I would love for you to share!! Please, these are the new bane to my kitchen existent. Not really, being a little dramatic, but working full-time makes the crock pot my new best friend in the kitchen.

I browned one package of turkey sausage and one white onion. 
Throw in a little seasoning like garlic salt, pepper and regular salt. 
I then added all of these to the crock pot with the turkey/onion mixture.

Make sure to drain and wash the beans and corn!! 

Cover and place on low for 6-8 hours.

I added some cheese and avocado top finish it off.
Try some chopped red onion, sour cream and even tortilla strips.