Umami Burger

Jul 14th

Well hello peeps!

Have you ever been to Umami Burger?

(Cali friends only…sorry!!!)

Well since I kept hearing EVERYONE (and their mother) talk about it we had to try.

After a grueling workout at Runyon Canyon (I eat after there lots) we stopped in.

Never have I been so happy to eat food….YA!

Looks good right?

How about this?

Better right?

Ok well I bet that it can’t beat these?

Fries and cheesy tator tots?

Drooling yet?

Ok…I’ll stop.

Anyways, I’ve got to say that it was delicious!

The burgers were a little smaller (and pricier) than expected but worth it.

Deal sealer for me to go back? Cheesy tator tots.

Umami is actually a pretty interesting topic to read about.

I was going to try and summarize but it wouldn’t do justice so CLICK HERE.