You Know You’re A Mom When….

Jul 17th


Mom When...

  • You don’t need an alarm clock anymore.
  • You check Zulilly first thing in the morning for daily steals and stocking stuffers.
  • You use baby wipes for everything.
  • You have become handy to non-mom friends thanks to said baby wipes.
  • You think turning off the monitor when you hear your child in the morning will magically make them go back to sleep.
  • You rock-paper-scissors for dirty diapers, err explosions.
  • You’ve traded your frequent flyer card for a zoo membership card.
  • You scarf down every meal. Wait, what’s a meal?
  • You have Goldfish as a meal replacement once a day.
  • You crave a morning to lay in bed and enjoy a warm cup of coffee.
  • You have traded in your favorite Sirius radio station for the “ball, bu bu ball” musical CD that sticks in your head.
  • You think nothing sounds worse than going to a sit down restaurant with your child right now.
  • You’ve realized your child is understanding and repeating, so time to watch what you say.
  • You drink on play dates with mom friends. No judgment.
  • You fall more in love with your child each day.