My Top Registry Picks

Jul 18th

It’s anniversary week!!

So in celebration of our one year coming up this weekend it’s all things wedding.

One of my favorite memories of our engagement was going to register.

We did a “test run” with our moms and then went out to zap away….

(hubster’s favorite part.)

It was a blast planning and picking out things for the kitchen and home.

Luckily I got some great advice from friends and family members.

Now I want to pass it on.

Remember you are allowed to return any wedding gifts you won’t use!!!

I love cooking because when I use something it reminds me of who got it for us.

Fun little sidebar…

Anyways, these are my top picks for the kitchen that I have found super helpful.

Do you have anything you want to add to the list?

Registry Picks




1. Platters: In my opinion you can never have enough platters! In all shapes and sizes!! They are a fun an effortless was to add a little sparkle to your entertaining. Some of my favorites here, here and here.

2. Cast Iron Skillet: There’s something about using a cast iron skillet that makes everything taste better. I got ours while antiquing but found some for you here and here.

3. Kitchenaid: Oh what would I do without this guy!! From making homemade pasta to lemon cake this is one of my go-to’s in the kitchen. See it here or here.

4. Wusthof Knife: Not until I started cooking more did I really understand the importance of a good knife. My personal favorite is a Wusthof (found here) but there are other great companies.

5. Baskets: I love having an array of different baskets and sizes (a tip from my mother-in-law). Throw a cute towel in with chips or fresh garlic bread. Their uses are endless! (see here) My favorites here and here.

6. Bowls: In all shapes, sizes and colors. From mixing to entertaining I don’t think you can have enough. They are easy to throw things in for effortless entertaining. I love these, these and these.

7. Mini Chopper: Oh hello best friend. I love this guy so much I wrote a full post on him. Life is so much easier now that I have this in the kitchen! Don’t know what I’d do without now! Find it here.

8. Cheese Board: When it comes to entertaining some friends I find myself throwing out cheese, fruit and crackers often. Keep it simple right? (seen here) A cute cheese board steps it up a notch for decor. Findhere, here or here.

9. Le Creuset Pot: Probably one of my favorite things we got in our registry. From homemade ziti sauce and bbq chicken soup this pot has gotten a workout the past year. It has plenty of room and I love the fun colors. You can find it here, here and here. Oh, the bigger the better in my opinion.

10. Baking Dishes: One of the best pieces of advice I got from some married friends when registering was you can never have enough baking dishes. I couldn’t agree more. Gather some in all shapes and sizes. My favorites here, here and here.