Things I’m Afraid To Tell Myself

Jul 18th

If you’re one who peruses the Internet much, you may have come across a series inspired by Jess Constable called “The Things I’m Afraid To Tell You.” It’s become a popular mantra across the world wide web that has even made it to the daytime queen herself, Oprah. I find it to be a fun and honest approach of self reflection that is personal with strangers. If you’re like myself, you may keep a journal of thoughts, or you may have your New Year’s list of things you want to work on. But when was the last time you opened up to someone and truly admitted possibly a deep dark secret you have held on to? I finally shared a big one last week and I am so touched by all the amazing comments of love and support.

I’ve decided to list a couple things that quite frankly scare me, a couple things that excite me and a couple things that I know I need to work on. It’s hard sometimes to admit that things may not be completely perfect and it’s ok to admit your faults. While I share these on this bloggy, it’s a daily reminder to myself on things I need to work on or not worry about. And please, while we’re sharing, make sure to add something you may be thinking!

Things I’m Afraid To Admit….

I’m afraid to admit that I don’t like not having control. Whether being a passenger in the car or trying to “plan” my life, they are some things I need to just learn to let happen.

I’m afraid to admit that I am terrified at the thought of having children, though it’s something that excites me like none other.

I’m afraid to admit that I worry to much about my body image. Though I’m healthy and workout it’s something I have always struggled with and I need to learn to embrace being a woman. Curves are ok.

I’m afraid to admit I have some regrets. You always go through life saying ‘I don’t have any regrets’, but the truth is there are some things I wish I could change or had done differently. (hence control)

I’m afraid to admit that though I have regrets, I know they have brought me to where they are today.

I’m afraid to admit that I honestly believe in that fairytale life. Though things aren’t completely perfect I have an amazing husband, family, job and a roof over my head. It’s ok to admit that.

I’m afraid to admit I worry constantly about the people I love and losing them.

I’m afraid to admit that I hold things in too much and am afraid to completely express myself because I don’t want to be a burden.

I’m afraid to admit I worry about letting people down.

I’m afraid to admit I have a tough time of letting go of grudges, something my husband is so good at.

I’m afraid to admit I have many dreams, ideas and goals that I have no idea of where to start or how to get it done.

I’m afraid to admit I want to learn to be a little more selfish and have more “me” time.

I’m afraid to admit that I love have dance parties by myself.