What My ‘MIL’ Taught Me

Jul 21st
One of the best parts of being married is my new family.
I was beyond blessed to be welcome and loved by such amazing people.
In a tribute to the week of anniversary-themed posts I want to talk about my ‘MIL’.
When it comes to cooking she has taught me the majority of what I know, along with ‘FIL’.
From meatballs and fun desserts to chicken wings and casseroles.
Her guidance and advice has sparked me to try to create and explore my own recipes,
which I have loved to share with you on this little bloggy of mine.
Many have turned out great and at the same times others have been epic fails.
Along the way though I’ve learned the best advice….”Anything made with love is great!.”
(Try to remember that when half of your chocolate cake falls off from being too dry)
And the lessons continue when it comes to gathering friends and family.
As the queen of entertaining I’ve learned party tips, decor ideas and how to have fun throughout it all!
There’s never a party or Sunday Supper thrown that’s not amazing!
But outside the home and kitchen the life lessons and friendship are a blessing.
So I thought I would share something pretty awesome with you!
This year for 4th of July I was in charge of Jell-O shots…ya it’s gets a little crazy.
Well, I have learned to use a lot of kitchen tools from MIL and I can now check off another one.
Turkey baster.
Most people may use one their first Thanksgiving dinner, but not me.
I learned to use one making Jell-O shots…far more important!
Doesn’t get much better than that!
Plus who can say they played beer pong with their MIL on Mother’s Day?

Have you ever made any?

You need some Jell-O packets and alochol of your choice.

I choose vanilla vodka with berry blue Jell-O and raspberry vodak with cherry Jell-O.

Add 2 cups of boiling water to Jell-O mix in a bowl.

Add 10 ounces of alcohol (1 1/4 cup) and 6 ounces cold water (3/4 cup)

Stir Stir Stir

You a turkey baster to put the liquid into little pastic cups.

Place them in the refigerator for about 4 hours.

Stay tuned next year as my sister-in-law and I have so pretty awesome ideas to try!!