Jul 24th


It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since our wedding. I still get butterflies when I think about all the little details and seeing my husband for the first time as I walked down the aisle. Followed by the birth of our little boy, it was the most amazing day of my life thus far. Before our family and friends we took oath to each other, made a commitment and promised to always treat one another with love and respect. The values that have been the cornerstone of our marriage have continued to be the backbone for our little family. I learned some things in year one and year two, but I can honestly say this has been the best year yet.

The first year I felt we were adjusting to life as “we.” Despite having been together now for seven years, there’s a big adjustment when the ring goes on and the maiden name leaves. You’re a unit working together and often times it took a little bumps to figure things out. In year two, I was transitioning careers and stepping into the business more. Learning to work together and me adjusting to such a big change was sometimes difficult.

So we’ve now arrived to the end of year three and things couldn’t be more amazing. Obviously we have the most amazing blessing of Carter Marcus who truly makes me wake up more excited than I have ever been. And to see my two boys together….I didn’t think loving either so much could be possible. We’ve figured out how to work together as business partners yet remain husband and wife. There’s always room for growth but pillow talk is no longer work talk. (usually about poop or something like that now) And most importantly, we’ve grown to have a stronger love and respect for each other now that we are parents. People tell you your relationship will change and honestly ours has for the better. I’ve got lots of fun memories when I look back on year three that have made me grow into the woman/mom I am today.

This next part is a thank you to you Ryan….

For being truly the most amazing gift that ever stepped into my life.

For always being my light in times of darkness.

For showing me what is means to live selflessly and help others.

For being patient and kind during times that are often chaotic.

For helping me tie my shoes when I couldn’t reach with my preggo belly.

For always knowing the right thing to say.

For telling me I’m beautiful.

For knowing when to just let me eat ice cream and not tell me I’ll regret it.

For being the most amazing father already to CMC.

For being my best friend and one I can always laugh with.

For knowing when saying nothing is sometimes best and a ear is all I need.

For always being positive.

For always ending the day with a kiss and a smile.


You truly are the most amazing person I know.

I am eternally grateful that I’ve gotten to spend yesterdays with you but also today and tomorrows. 

I love you.