Touring Our City

Jul 25th

Chilaquilles at Local in Silverlake

Thanks to some free hotel stays and grandparents jumping to watch the kids, we’ve been able to have two nights away this month to Downtown Los Angeles. Prior to kiddos and work getting so crazy, I used to love exploring and trying out all the latest and greatest spots featured throughout LA publications. Since then, I fall asleep at night flagging favorite spots from bloggers or magazines I follow, until I get the chance to venture out. We had 24 hours each time, but I must say got in a lot in that time. Please send me any and all of your favorite places so I can flag them for our next outing. Next up? Venice–Abbott Kinney. So many restaurants on my list!!

Below is a list of where we went and had the absolute best time.

Quite a thrill being a tourist in your own city….

Weekend #1

Dinner and Drinks at Bar Mateo 

Coffee at Alfred Coffee 

Breakfast at Local in Silverlake 

Lobster rolls at Knuckle & Claw in Silverlake 

Ice Cream at Salt & Straw in Larchmont 

We spent the night at Bar Mateo as we were there for a birthday party. What a fun and funky place with great cocktails and surprisingly REALLY good vegan food. Like really good. Get the burrito. You’re welcome. The next morning we ventured to Silverlake to cross a few places off my list, including Alfred Coffee and Local. The chilaquiles at Local were incredible and I crave them now way too often. The perfect balance of everything in a bowl! Ryan is slightly obsessed with lobster so Knuckle & Claw was a little heaven for him. He said they have just the right proportion of melted butter to the meat. I’ll take his word for it. I was more conceded about trying ice cream from Salt & Straw. Their salted carmel was ridiculous as was their cookie dough. True confession, I ate both of the cones in the picture. Their flavors are so unique and I am counting down until I can go back!

Weekend #2

Lunch throughout Grand Central Market 

—Golden Pond, random Asian house, McConnel’s ice cream, & random kabob house— (yes, we napped)

Drinks at The Ace Hotel, Perch & The Varnish

Dinner at Bestia 

Breakfast at Eggslut & Shave Ice truck 

Lobster rolls at Knuckle & Claw (I don’t eat but Ryan loved so much we made a stop!)

How we had never been to Grand Central Market before I just don’t know!? We ate our way through then took a nap. My requirement on a day away! We ventured to some bar hopping starting with The Ace Hotel. Quite the scene on a Saturday and while good cocktails, wasn’t really the vibe we were going for. Rather book a trip to Vegas so we snapped a scenic pic and moved on. We’ve been to Perch before and loved the views to go back. The Spicy Comcombre cocktail is a hidden surprise of spicy that’s so good, but not too pungent. Our favorite stop was The Varnish, hidden inside Cole’s in DTLA, which we had been before. You are taken back in time to a speakeasy bar in which you tell them what type of alcohol you like and voila they make something to your liking. Pretty amazing vibe and quite the adventure, but epic people watching in the staff. We were a little underwhelmed by our experience at Bestia. Don’t get me wrong, the food was good, but not as amazing as they hype going into it. I will say their tomato salad was absolutely delicious with the sweetest tomatoes ever! For me, the highlight was Eggslut. Maybe it’s because I had a massive hangover and needed something to soak it all up. Well, the wait of a hour, yes an hour, was completely worth it. The OJ is almost worth the wait. Just make sure to add avocado as one local frequenter told me. Best choice ever.



Lobster and Crab roll at Knuckle & Claw in Silverlake.


Salted Caramel & Cookie Dough from Salt & Straw in Larchmont.


Grand Central Market.


Mac & Cheese in a pretzel bowl at Golden Pond in Grand Central Market.


Drinks with a view at the Ace Hotel in DTLA.


A white negroni at Bestia in DTLA Arts District.


Egg, bacon, cheese ADD avocado at EGGSLUT in Grand Central Market.