Bacon Blue Cheese Sliders

Jul 28th

Ready for some unhealthy fun!?!?

We created these sliders about two years ago one afternoon.

Since then they have become a bbq staple in the summer!

I love sliders because you can have one, two or five.

Plus they are easy to eat and fun to serve.

Try these guys out for your next bbq and let me know what you think!

Cook a package of bacon….crispy!

Pour out the majority of the bacon grease but save a little.

Cook one chopped onion until soft and brown.

(Note–this isn’t the healthiest recipe but it’s good!)

To make 24 sliders we used 2 pounds of meat.

Trow in a small container of blue cheese crumbles.

 Time to chop the bacon!

I told you that these are not the best for a swimsuit season meal.

Season with salt, pepper and garlic salt.

Get in and mix it all together with your hands.
This will be cold!

Roll the meat in large golf balls.

Somehow mine grow bigger and bigger as I go along.

Throw them on the grill!!

FYI– these can also be cooked in a pan….

Serve on Hawaiian King Sweet Buns!!!

Add some extra crumbled blue cheese on top…if you want!