Travel Essentials

Aug 1st

One of my favorite things to do is travel.

From roadtrips and quick getaways to our honeymoonor anniversaries,

I love to get out and explore!

The most important thing I pack is a little bag with some beauty essentials.

Whether I’m on a plane or in the car I love having these on hand.

What can’t you travel without?

Travel Essentials


1. Roll-On Perfume: It’s small, light and easy to pack. Helps to fresh up a little bit! 

2. Simple Eyeshadow: I don’t travel with a lot of makeup but a neutral eyeshawdow with a little sparkle helps give a glowy-fresh look for my final destination. 

3. Face Lotion: Sometimes I get a dry face on an airport or if I’ve been  in the car a while. This oil-free brand is great. 

4. Burt’s Bees Honey Lotion: There is no lotion I love more than this one! It is the key to dry skin and gives the feeling of “baby bottom smooth.”

5. Maybelline One By One Mascara: This is a great mascara to add a little touch when approaching your final destination. I don’t travel with a lot of makeup but mascara is my number one pick.

6. Stila Concealer: Let’s be honest…after a long flight of drooling on the person next to you puffy and red eyes are the ultimate “don’t I look sexy” travel companion. A light concealer that’s easy to pack is my quick fix!

7. Hair Spray: I was blessed with the world’s frizziest hair and I’m proud of it! Not. To solve a little travel static I always carry a mini size can of hairspray in my purse. My saving grace!

8. Rosebud Salve Strawberry Balm: Since high school this has been my favorite lip balm. I am not one to love wearing lip gloss or lipstick so this is my go-to, plus is smells pretty. Gives the “no effort” look.

9. Hair Ties: I seem to lose these suckers anywhere and everywhere which is why I always have a bountiful supply on hand.

10. Deodorant: Ok no one likes to sit next to someone who is stinky. With long lines or busted air conditioner it’s easy to get a little armpit sweaty. Keep a mini stick of your favorite scent on hand!!!


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