Aug 6th


Today has been such an amazing and exciting day announcing we are growing our little family. We have been so blessed to have such excitement, kindness and love thrown our way via calls, texts and social media. I think it’s safe to say #2 is pretty loved already. And little one…we have been trying for you and waiting for this day for a while!

As most pregnant women debate, I went back and forth on whether to announce before I reached the first trimester. You may not know, but this past spring I had my third miscarriage which was very different from my first ones. I made it to 10 weeks, however there was no heartbeat and I had to have a D&C. As anyone who’s gone through this knows it’s heartbreaking and such a difficult process, yet I am so thankful in many ways. I’m thankful it’s given me more undivided time with Carter. I’m thankful my body knew something wasn’t right. I’m thankful for the big guy knowing it wasn’t our time.

So naturally upon seeing the plus sign on the stick this time around I was hesitant to get excited. Truthfully I tried not to think about it or even think about the future. Maybe it was a defense mechanism but I wanted to not get attached and expected the worst so if something should happen again I would be prepared. I’m such a doomsdayer right? We didn’t tell our family and it was something we kept to us this go around.

Well Monday morning I heard the best sound in the world. The tiny, rapid beat of Carter’s little sibling’s heart. Literally music to my ears and as a pregnant woman it’s something you wait weeks to make sure is there. From that moment the game changed and I couldn’t be more excited! Obviously a photo shoot with Carter ensued, we went to tell our parents and my “to-do” list until March 15, 2015 is already a mile long. We were too excited not to share with everyone and this time around good ‘ole social media was a fun and quick way to do so!

For those asking, I am 8 weeks along and feeling pretty good. Definitely nauseous but after the pregnancy from…well, you know, with Carter I am not complaining! And for those that have more than one child you know you don’t have time to be tired or sick. Chasing my little man around is quite the distraction! We will 100% be finding out the sex sometime between 12-19 weeks as I have OCD and need to plan. It goes without saying I want a healthy and happy child, but if I had my choice I would want another boy. True story!

We are thankful, excited and feel beyond blessed to become parents again. Having Carter has been the most amazing and rewarding journey and I cannot even begin to fathom opening my heart and having this much love for another child. I know, I know, I hear it’s possible! And can we talk about how awesome I think Carter is going to be as a big brother? Definitely will be an adjustment but he’s so sweet and loving I think he’s going to be be so amazing.

So thank you and let’s grab some cocktails in spring 2015. With 2 under 2 I’m going to need it!