Move It! Monday

Aug 8th


Beach Ball Bottom Blaster!

Set Up:  On your backside on the mat, knees are bent with your heels in the center on the ball.  Your arms are long down by your side.  Your abdominals are drawing inward.  Your pelvis is in a neutral position to start (pubic bone and two hip bones are level)

Step 1:  Exhale. Engage the backs of your legs and draw the abdominals inward and upward as you sequentially roll up one vertebrae at a time,  lifting your hips into a bridge position.  Inhale here.

Step  2: Exhale extend the legs out making a long line.

Step 3: Inhale pull the ball inward as you bend your knees in the bridge position

Step 4:  Exhale articulate you spine down into the mat one vertebrae at a time and return to a neutral pelvis

Repeat this 10 times.

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