Good Eats: Karl Strauss Brewery

Aug 17th
Sometimes it’s fun to break the monotony of going to the same restaurants and hanging in the same area. We ended up one afternoon at Karl Strauss Brewing Company at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood. With free valet parking for two hours how could we pass it up? There’s one thing that sealed the deal when looking for a restaurant to eat at, mac & cheese. Whenever I see my favorite dish as a specialty on the menu with five different variations it’s a deal sealer. I don’t care what else is on the menu, we’re going. The different kinds of cheeses melted with a bread crumb crunch on top was absolutely delicious and just what the palate ordered. Mixed with a cold handcrafted brew, some chipotle sweet potato fries and a savory veggie burger it was the perfect afternoon. Have you ever been?