Move It! Monday

Aug 22nd

Beach Ball Lateral Squat

Benefits:  glutes, inner thigh, quads, and core.  

Set up:  Wide stance with the legs, holding the ball in the hands.  draw the abdominals inward and upward.

Step 1:  Bend your right knee, take the ball down to the ground right by your foot. Firm the right glute and keep your abdmominals drawing in.

Step 2, With the strength of your right leg, push into the ground to straighten the leg and lift the ball up to the left.

Repeat Right leg for 12 reps then do the same on the Left.  

 BONUS:  Test your balance skills.

Beach Ball Balance challenge 

Start on all fours on the ball, then slowly with one hand at a time try to lift yourself into a knee balance on the ball.

This takes time to master, so soak in some rays and take the balance challenge!

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