Top 10: Rules For Vacation-Relaxation

Aug 24th

Since being back “to the grind” since our trip to Hawaii I’ve thought a lot about vacation. (ok, I’ve been back one day but I’m already planning!) I have to say I’ve been pretty fortunate with the opporunity to go to lots of different places. Whether a car roadtrip or hoping on a flight to halfway across the world, I love adventures. Thankfully so does hubster, which is why I say “we work.” Well, there’s other reasons for that too.

On this last trip I got to thinking about what really makes getting away so great. Is it the chance to try some different foods? Or being able to see a different culture? Or maybe it’s being inspired on your next shopping trip by something you saw a girl on the beach wear? And then there’s the possibility that it was just great to be away. After going on this trip I thought I would share my Top 10 favorites rules when it comes to taking a break. Even if you can’t get away these rules apply for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Do you have any rules when it comes to vacation or relaxing? How do you totally get away?


1. No Alarm! There’s no need to press the snooze button fifteen times over the course of an hour. (Hubster hates when I do this). No need to set an alarm early just to feel like your sleeping longer. There’s nowhere to be. Nothing to wake up for, unless you sign up for some crazy 4am hiking adventure trip. (Nope…didn’t do it!) It’s a time when full zzzzz’s are caught up on and endless moments of morning cuddling!

2. No Plan! When it comes to getting away here’s my plan….eat, drink, sleep and maybe eat some more. We write down a couple of things we want to do or have heard about doing. If we get to it great…if not oh well. Being a major OCD planner this was something that was tough for me to start doing, but I gotta say it’s so much more fun! And relaxing!

3. No Makeup! True confession time….I did not apply ONE OUNCE of makeup in a week. No little mascara or eyeliner. No lip gloss or blush. Nada. Zip. Nothing. And can I tell you how fantastic it was? I didn’t need to worry about having streaks under my eyes in the morning. (just some bags) Going ”au naturale” was fabulous and I will be doing more. Sorry!

4. No Diet! Ok, not like I am ever on a diet to begin with. But in my books you can eat whatever on vacation. If you want a hamburger at 9am you can have it. No one is going to judge you if you had dessert at the restaurant then decide to grab an ice cream cone as well. Who’s counting calories? Ok, being in a swim suit after a night like that sometimes is a little rough, but totally worth it!

5. It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere! Oh the wise words of Mr. Jimmy Buffett. Some may frown upon having a mai tai with your breakfast, but personally I think it is fantastic. There’s no better way to fully know you’re on vacation. (Now I must interject some may do this while not and I’m not going to judge) Sidenote, best place to have a drink? In the airport or on the airplane to your destination…just saying!

6. No Technology! Well, pretty much. Thanks to Facebook & Twitter you’re able to preset some posts. This means not worrying about bringing along a computer to upload. And thanks to my handy dandy iPhone I can check emails..if needed. Other than that, no phone calls or texting. Bye bye world! (Except if you’re friend is having their first bridal fitting and shower and you’re dying because you’re missing it!…photo pics allowed then!!)

7. Lazy, Lazy! It is totally fine not to workout or do much of anything. Sure on day one you wake up super early and get that morning glow in, only to realize by day three it is so not worth it. Staying in bed and getting the best pool lounge spot is so more important. Plus you are getting quick the workout on your mai tai crawl through town. Walking and driking is a tough activity…not for the faint of heart.

8. Reading Catch Up! One of my favorite things about vacation is catching up on my reading list. Whether it’s a new fabulous book (LOVED “Heaven Is For Real”), a popular one that’s now a movie like “The Help” or the latest dish of all your celebrity gossip in People, there’s nothing like lounging and reading. Let the only interruption be flipping over the tan on the other side.

9. Overpacking! To some this may seem like a burden but I actually love it. As in any trip I go on, I have the amazing talent of planning enough for double whatever my trip is. But a girl needs options right? There’s nothing like having a full closet of your favorite items to pick from while away. How else can you expect to feel truly at home? Plus I like to say I don’t want to wear the same thing twice.

10. Hubster Time! We all have busy schedules with lots going on. Lately hubster and I have been going, going, going that I feel like we’ve seen each other but not really “seen each other.” Ya know? Like everything is so fast. Can I tell ya how great it was to just hang out for a couple days. Being silly. Laughing. Cuddling. Playing tackle in the pool. Just sitting and watching the sunset. The little things that remind me why I am so lucky to have married my best fried. And guess what…those butterflies are still there.