In The Kitchen: Mint Ice Cubes

Aug 24th

The past couples months I’ve decided that regular ice cubes are just too boring. So I first started with a bag of frozen stars to add a little festivity into my drinks. (You can see them on my Instagram!) Then I decided to make my own. Thanks to a tip from Pinterest, I learned it’s better to use boiling water when making ice cubes. Why? It keeps them clear rather than a little cloudy. Since then I have been making all sorts of ice cubes stuffed with herbs and fruit. Blueberry ice cubes for my lemon water is my personal favorite.

When having friends over for the weekend for dinner I decided to make mint ice cubes to go along with the cocktails. (I’ll be sharing a Blackberry-Lemonade recipe soon!) They provide a hint of flavor that’s like the gift that keeps giving. All you have to do it boil water, place the mint in the bottom of the ice cube trails, add the hot water then freeze! Simple enough right?