Grandma’s Gems

Aug 29th

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter then you know about my amazing gift. Last week my parents gave me my grandma’s 4 foot tall jewelry box filled to the brim!! With rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings I have arrived to vintage heaven. I have so many fond memories of playing dress-up when I was younger and have dreamed about accquiring this collection for years. If there was ever a time an object could talk this would be it. From great aunts I never met to gifts my mom got from her father I’m sure there are so many stories. And now I am more excited that ever to play dress up!

Let’s go on a tour inside my some of my new treasures shall we?

And these photos don’t do them justice! 

Where it’s all stored. How beautiful is this case?

Some amazing rings!! These are only a few.

Thinking this one is my favorite.

In love with these watches. Some were my grandma’s and mom’s.

Some are bold, others are dainty. 

My mom’s dad got these for her in Japan. Thinking my favorite!

 Bracelets, bangles, pearls and more! 

Loving these ones!!

The drawers are filled to the brim!

Loving all the bold brooches…there are so many! 

Four different rows of necklaces…bold, costume, classic. Heaven! 

Gorgeous! Loving all the different colors, designs and styles.

My favorite necklace and the first one I wore. Filled with layers!