Closet Confessions: The Random Bike

Aug 29th

Hi folks! Meet my new favorite dress. Isn’t she fun? I found this while in Vegas last week. It was in a random store on the back of the rack and it was truly love at first sight. It’s a flattering dress (we all love those!) filled with bright accents in little detail. Yes, I am analyzing the dress. I wasn’t planning on taking pictures on this day, but hubster saw this bike while in Santa Monica and said I “matched.” I’m guessing bright colors were the theme? As much as I wanted to hop on someone’s random bike (not my idea), it was locked so standing randomly and awkwardly beside it would have to do. Are you a fan of brights? Any items in your closet you fancy?

Dress: ? Shoes: Dolce Vita Purse: Theit Necklace: Tipo Creations